About us

Our History

Initiated as an aerosol contract filler in the 70's and then back-integrated into manufacturing of mono bloc aluminum cans, aerosol valves & 3-piece welded tinplate cans thru the 80's & 90's.

Today we are a strong adhesion of various aerosol businesses spread across India and select global markets. With a grand total of 40+ years in the Indian aerosol industry; we are now ready to build and be a part of the new generation of aerosols in India.


  • 1973 - started aerosol filling in West India
  • 1985 - monobloc aluminium cans manufacturing
  • 1989 - started aerosol valves manufacturing
  • 1996 - tinplate cans manufacturing
  • 2005 - started 1st Mega Aerosol Factory (aerosol filling + tinplate cans) in North India
  • 2006 - aerosol exports to middle east & africa
  • 2014 - expanded 2nd Mega Aerosol Factory (aerosol filling + tinplate cans) in West India
  • 2018 - aerosol propellant blending
  • 2019 - commencing aerosol exports to EU

Virat Pariwar (family)

We all together have build this the "Virat Pariwar".

We all have stayed together to make it strong; we all now work together to expand it & make it grow.

We give a warm welcome to all new members to be a part of our family culture and embrace happiness with the pariwar.

Please talk to us; we assure to make you feel home with us.

"Expect more from us"