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Indian Aerosol Expo 2023

Tinplate Cans

  • Diameters (necked-in): 45mm, 52mm, 57mm & 65mm
  • Heights: 72mm to 320mm
  • Lithography: upto 8 colours
  • Low Carbon foot print compared to plastics
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable steel packaging
  • Cans for all categories ranging from agriculture, personal, household to Industrials
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Contract Filling

  • Accredited green facility with zero discharge
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Specialty formulations
  • Multiple high speed filling lines
  • Fully equipped R&D
  • 24x7 support structure
  • Global warehousing, logistics & distribution of aerosol products
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Aerosol Valves

  • Actuators - all types
  • Cups - tinplate/aluminium
  • Valves types - standard to specialty
  • Market segments - Personal/Home/Industrial/Pharma/Food & Agri
  • Technical services are part of our standard offerings
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Since 1993


Our customer driven focus teams and the established infrastructure gives us the competitive edge in providing full services for anything to everything in aerosols. These services are supported by the deep-wide experience and knowledge available within the group.

Customers have trusted us again and again as their premium reliable vendor which fuels our motivation to do more & more to serve them.

Our continuous investment in new technologies gets recognized and awarded with the new product developments and export to new markets around the globe.

What we would like to say boldly to our customers, "Expect more from us".